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Faith Lutheran School – Parent Involvement

Parent Orientation Night/Open House

Open House takes place approximately one week before the first day of school and is divided into several nights to give parents a more exclusive experience. Parents are welcomed with a warm group meeting followed by an invitation to come to see the classrooms meet their child’s teacher and tour the school campus. There will also be information on school uniforms, events, and ways to volunteer throughout the school year.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parents must attend a parent-teacher conference after each of the first three quarters of the school year to obtain grades of their child’s report card. These conferences are set in place to help keep the communication of school and home lines open. During conferences teachers and parents share the students’ academic, behavioral and spiritual progress and well as pinpoint any problematic areas that may need extra care and concern.
In preschool parents are asked to attend at least two parent-teacher conferences during the year to obtain the ability skill ratings of their child. Additional conferences may be scheduled as needed.

Eagles Nest

Is a weekly reminder of activities and upcoming events that is sent by e-mail to our school parents on Mondays.

Teacher Availability

If you are a parent who would like to speak to your teacher about a concern, question, or an update on how your child is doing, please call the school office and leave a message with the secretary. The teacher will call the parent directly when time allows, to discuss the matter over the phone or to set up an appointment to meet.
Email is also a great way to communicate with the teacher. Teachers will usually respond to phone call or email messages within 24 hours. You may also request to speak to the teacher at sign-out time at the end of the day, and if the teacher is available to talk after the rest of the students have been moved to daycare, you may do so then. The best way to get full attention is to set up a conference in advance.

Classroom Visitations

Parent Visitations are encouraged, but advance arrangements of at least one day are to be made with the principal, director, or teacher. Parents are asked to wait until mid-October to visit the classroom(s) to allow time for the children to comfortably adjust to their new environment. Visitors are required to notify the school office upon arrival on campus.


Description: There are always volunteering opportunities for school parents/families at our church and school. We are packed with activities and events that could always use an extra helping hand! All year long there are ways to put your talents and skills to good use. From preparing teaching materials for lessons, gardening around at the school campus, summer cleaning to coaching sports. Many organized school events can use YOU, just be involved with the PTL and you’ll find lots of fun opportunities.
Volunteering doesn’t just make you feel good and appreciated, it is rewarding in many different areas as well. You can build new friendships, learn from others, and spend quality time with your children working on a variety of projects. Want to find out how? Just ask the front office, the principal, or your classroom teacher.

PTL (Parent Teacher League)

The PTL consist of parents and teachers who volunteer their time and effort to promote the objectives of the league. Meetings are held on the school campus once every 2 months in the evenings and in an effort to get parents involved childcare is provided for parents who have no alternative care, so that they may be able to attend meetings.
Some of the goals of PTL include
  • Helping parents and teachers understand and appreciate children.
  • Helping provide parents and teachers with the necessary skills for the Christian nurturing and training of the children.
  • To provide educational programs which help meet the needs of parents and teachers of preschool, school age, and early adolescent children.
  • To provide fellowship activities that help to establish a closer relationship between all parents, and between parents and teachers, in keeping with the objectives of the organization.
  • Creating fundraiser opportunities to help enhance the school and its programs.
For more information, please e-mail PTL directly at or please contact the school office or any of the PTL officers. The PTL is open to all parents, grandparents, and guardians that have enrolled their children at FaithLutheran School. Enrolled families are members of the PTL. A great way to get involved and make friends!
We are currently looking for officer positions, if you are interested please let our principal know.
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